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April 14, 2012


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BTS post + Supanova!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 14, 2012, 7:28 AM

Haro~!! :blowkiss:  Decided that it was high time for a another BTS photos post, as my last was a while back and I've done so much since then if I leave it too much longer the potential journal size just becomes astronomical 8'D  
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Q&A session in my last journal btw! And thank you as always to all new watchers :heart: Much love to you all!

To new watchers~ I regularly post progress pictures etc on my facebook account:…, and put new photos up generally same-day on my tumblr: .  I also upload full photosets, and preview photos for the photobook on my main cosplay blog - 0zimiel0/, and random stuff goes on my other blog - &n…;^o^ :heart:

So as most of you probably know, :iconkaguyaxhime: and I have been working hard on our upcoming Uta no Prince-sama photobook Resonance for Natsuki and Syo. With the help of our photog :iconjkale: we've been doing heeeeaaaappss of shoots to ensure the book has everything we want in it!  I just registered out table at SMASH as Starlight Serenade - so exciting! We'll be finalising printing details as soon as we can so I can let you guys know more details before the event, and so those of you from overseas who would like a copy can order it :heart:

Anyway, on with the photos! :XD:

A while back we shot the outfits from the Debut Drama CD~ were shooting in quite a popular public place on a Saturday, so there were a lot of people around to stare at us 8'D

That tie man...idek... =__=;


Smile, Syo-chan! =)

Unimpressed Satsuki face lmao


Next up was two shoots in one day~ character singles cover outfits, and painting shoot! =D

Those who have seen the Natsuki Idol Song cd cover will know what I mean when I say the pose is really looks less weird in the art, but it's SO FREAKING HARD to do in real life omg...and to top it all off he looks the 8'D

Decided that the Pixiv interpretation of how Natsuki and Syo's respective poses go together is definitely the correct one XDDD  /shot

My back was seriously sore the day after...ahaha...that sounds so wrong I know rofl...

ANYWAY, next was painting shoot! Based off promo art for the Debut game *u* Syo-chan and I spent the morning before the first shoot painting our 'wall'! XD


Nothing like spoofing your own photos for crack purposes :XD:  Starish! ...with paintbrushes lol

Paint contributions from Syo-chan...

Random lol moments~~

The paint was actually surprisingly hard to get off afterwards ahahaha...and I am now the proud owner of a pair of yellow pants with pink handprints on them LMAOOO  


For a break in between all the UtaPri, I finally finished up my Barnaby cos and shot it with the help of JKale, ChoCho-Cha and Andrew~

I am so cool 8'D

ALL OF THE FAIL JUMPING LMAO this one was particularly loltastic as the thing I jumped off made this horrible cracking sound as a did so, which stopped me concentrating on pose so..yeah 8'D HURRR

Bunny janai! yeah sure

Card throwing photos are always painful lol...

And this is /not/ how to take good crying photos... Photog: 'nice expression but didn't put the bottle down out of sight ' Me: *FACEPALM*

After shoot!

After the shoot we went to get tea - I changed out of stupid 70s hair~ and we were sitting in the café when J points out to me - 'you know you still have a seedy 70s gold necklace on'. Me: =__________________=;;;


2 weekends after was more UtaPri times! Episode 6 of the anime outfits~~

Started with solo shots while Syo-chan was still at work, so I could Satsuki on stage photos~

As well as beautiful Nacchan ones. LOL.

With my little sister who so kindly helped by holding the reflector!! :hug:

Syo-chan arrived! :heart:

I think I'm being backhanded for something in this LMAO


Coffee date times! :XD:

Syo-chan likes the piyo-chan hat, really he does~ he's just in denial ;D


Changed out of wig etc after but kept blazer on...I kinda really like it XD;;


For another change of scene, I randomly decided to throw in a Death Note cosplay to my list! =D I've always been interested in Mikami's character, and hardly anyone coses him so~!

Lelouch hands?!? I have no idea what I was doing here lmao...

Wait for it...going to get shot for awful terribad sense of humour here...

KIRA! :love: *sparkles*



Next photobook shoot - summer uniforms in school setting ^o^

I...don't know lol...I think I was just spacing out here lol


(although I actually think Natsuki's backstory is actually really sad, and I feel so sorry for him ;A; )

Had absolutely no idea what we were doing here, and then I remembered that we had just seen this weird caterpillar on the tree which had like...horn yeah :XD:

I love how Syo-chan's face is just like... 'ch-CHIKAAIIII!!' D8

LMAO omg this photo...I had no idea what was going on while my back was turned rofl... 8'D  LMAO @ princelingcat

With JKale after!


Then next UtaPri shoot was Debut outfits!!! AAHHH I love these designs so much *333* it was so lovely to make as well, getting to play with all the lovely trims *A* :love:

We were so very lucky to get access to this completely amazing house to shoot in *__* :heart:

Was also very excited to use my lighting equipment for the first time! I'd been saving to get enough money for ages, and I finally bought it *3* So happy, it was worth every penny!

Random cam-whoring

More random mirror photos XD

Beautiful things, truly. (y)

While I was over here~~

Syo-chan was sleeping in the cushions >3< *squishes* :tighthug:

moaarrr violaaaa mmm

Why is Syo-chan hiding in the curtains~?

LOL photos getting interrupted by the dog of the face...lmao... (I really hate dogs btw ahaha 8'D)

Took polaroids afterwards!


And finally, my most recent shoot was for Takasugi from Gintama~! Very grateful to JKale and raspipop for helping me shoot this even though it was short notice and in the middle of the week! And in a mosquito infested bamboo forest...ahaha... ;3: :hug:  Again, my new lighting equipment was so useful here, it was really surpisingly dark in the bamboo~

Wanted to take burning butterfly photos (to tie in with the 'Shura' ED, for those who watch Gintama and know what I'm talking about)
All of the failing to burn...

LMAO @ my face...this was just after some successful photos, when I thought it was about to burn my hand rofl

With JKale and raspipop after finishing! :heart:



I shall be going! I'll only be there on the Saturday though, because a) I have tonnes of uni assessment to do due the next week and b) it's on the gold coast...why...I will never get over bitching about this... =__=

Will be cosing Nezumi from No.6 with JKale as my Sion!

I hope to see people there - if you recognise me please do come up and say hi!! :love:

I haven't started my cos yet...ahaha...oh god... T________T;;

Ja! :heart:

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x''DDDD you guys know how to have fun while in photoshooting :333 i so wish that i'll be able to meet you when i'll make that trip to Australia x3
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